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DOWNLOAD 3 tracks

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 MP3 Track £1.5  FLAC Track £1.5  WAV Track £1.5
 MP3 Track £1.5  FLAC Track £1.5  WAV Track £1.5

D*Minds are back with their latest instalment on our RUN In The Jungle project - the versatile, three track Everyday EP will have you testing the bass on your system on the daily. Released just before RUN All Day, this is the perfect soundtrack for a stacked day of junglist vibes for the RUN in the Jungle takeover in Motion's Crane Yard.

Lead track 'Everyday' is a throwback to the sounds of the early 2000s. With its draw on the era's upfront heavy-duty Drum & Bass sounds in conjunction with a huge splash of classic jungle influence and intricate present day production, this one is definitely . The striking vocal captures your attention before delivering a wall of bass twisted with euphoric up-front drums.

'Step Off' is a nod to the modern era of jungle that is devastating dancefloors. Littered with belting 808's, blistering breaks and raspy Reese's, if they weren't enough warning to give the heads some space in the dance - the track's vocal will give you a not-so gentle reminder.

'Listen Again' has an old-skool / dread break aspect to its rolling drums and bassline throughout. Proving that minimalistic production can pack a huge impact, this one is simple but will be heavily effective in the dance.

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