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DOWNLOAD 4 tracks

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 MP3 Track £1.5  FLAC Track £1.5  WAV Track £1.5
 MP3 Track £1.5  FLAC Track £1.5  WAV Track £1.5
 MP3 Track £1.5  FLAC Track £1.5  WAV Track £1.5

With events opening up again there is no better time to showcase a producer that consistently presents strictly killer tunes destined to rattle soundsystems and shutdown dancefloors. Bound to leave a trail of gobsmacked heads in his wake, Traumatize has taken the bull by the horns as we present four from the cream of the crop, the Milk EP.

Title track ‘Milk’ is the sonic definition of a bull in a china shop. Packed with strictly full fat flavours straight from the source, there’s no skimming with this raw pint of carnage. Complete with tones that cast influence from the early days of Drum & Bass complimented with notes of bouncy modern rollers, mix those ingredients with 16 months out of clubs and this one will send ravers and DJs alike into meltdown.

If there’s one thing ‘S.A.M’ is guilty of, it’s being the darkest track on the EP whilst also being able to slot perfectly into sets in all settings. Venturing to a low-ceiling rave or large-scale event but also craving that underground feel? Traumatize has got you covered. He’s definitely turned the swagger on early for his debut EP on RUN with this gut-wrechingly bassy tech banger.

We move on in a tribal fashion with ‘Belly’ delivering a bass drum that drives a heart-pounding intensity towards the drop, almost representing the countdown to the return of the rave before that signature Traumatize style is unleashed. It’s literally in the title where this one is going to hit you the most, with a deadly sonic synergy between that unmistakable synth and heavyweight bass.

Don’t be fooled by the soothing major chords that opens up the final track ‘Lost Count’, a devastating switch lies in waiting on the drop. We’ve ‘lost count’ with the amount of heaters Traumatize has in the bag and we’re excited to be releasing this super selection. With a drop that couples jungle-infused breaks and low-frequency rumbles capable of devastating the weightest of systems, there’s all killer and no filler here.

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